Do You Want to Provide Personalized Solutions for your Clients?

Our variable data services help to promote the personalization of all your mailing campaigns. We utilize variable data printing techniques to increase response rates and improve your ability to reach a target audience. Our services also help you create customized and personalized mail pieces that get attention, stand out, and connect with your recipients in exciting new ways!

We use high-speed printers that produce high-resolution materials that look extremely professional with an eye-catching quality that really sets them apart from the endless stream of mailer products that end up in mailboxes everyday.

Our data/IT capabilities provide you with unparalleled options, variable graphic design capabilities and exciting printing possibilities that are almost endless. PostLink is an industry leader in variable data services because we consistently achieve the best, most reliable and most cost-effective results for our customers.

Personalized Mail Content

When it comes to mailers and lettershop projects, personalization can be critical to your overall marketing success. Our variable data services allow you choose exactly the level of personalization that fits your project’s overall objectives. We can variably insert and drop content into your mailing piece as required and based on real-time information within your database. This means that every piece you send out appears personalized specifically for the person or business that receives it. This is a great way to build a better connection with your target audience and it can help your organization look more professional and attract the attention you really deserve.

Variable data services are particularly suited for the following types of projects: personalized letters, billing & invoicing, location specific mailers, business and marketing materials, targeted and segmented fund-raising projects, as well as projects that require personalized QR codes and URLs.



We can provide generic or non-personalized services. Here, everyone in your target audience will receive the same message. This is the most affordable type of messaging, but it also means that everyone receives an identical package.

Basic personalizing

With basic personalizing, the individual recipients will receive personalized envelope addressing. This can also be expanded to include a personalized salutation within the package itself. Like the generic option, no consideration is given here to internal content in terms of the current status of the target, or their potential future relationship with your organization

Multiple variation personalizing

With multiple variation personalizing, we produce several different versions of your package. This promotes flexibility because you can vary the messaging depending on your target. By using information from your database, we can specifically target individual recipients based on a number of different parameters and send packages according to a ‘best-fit’ methodology.

Fully personalized

With fully personalized service, your audience will receive fully customized messaging and content that targets them personally. The package will read and appear like it has been specifically designed just for them. This promotes a deeper connection that draws specifically on the information contained within your data to facilitate the production of individualized content geared specifically towards individual readers.

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