Are Your Mailings Getting Too Big to Handle? Do You Want to Target More Potential Customers?

PostLink provides direct mail options for Ottawa and the surrounding regions. We offer comprehensive mailing and lettershop services for a wide range of clients and customers, including complete mailing and lettershop project management from start to finish. We offer custom and professional mailing services for projects of all sizes at all stages of development.

The size and scope of a mailing project can vary considerably depending on your goals and objectives. There are, however, certain fundamental elements which tend to be involved.

Typical pieces in a mailing project can include:

Collating and organization:
We offer complete insertion and collation services

Folding and presentation:
We offer folding options to suit your project’s needs, including right angle folding, half-folding, tri-folding and roll-folding

Insertion services:
We provide high-speed insertion, sealing and stuffing for your all your mailers and lettershop projects of all sizes

Sorting and metering:
We provide professional services to ensure your project meets all Canada Post specifications

We can produce hand-addressed envelopes and customized handwritten elements to personalize your materials

Personalized handwork:
We offer personalized handwork that can give your project that human touch, includes services like hand collating, personalized letters and manual materials matching

Additional services:
We can also provide customized services according to your project’s unique specifications, including things like laser personalization, bar coding, inkjet work, labelling, packaging, polybagging, courier services, as well as invoicing and statement production

PostLink specializes in Neighbourhood Mail!

(Neighbourhood Mail™) or flyer mail (not addressed) is a targeted and direct mail services through Canada Post.

Neighbourhood Mail targets postal codes & demographics – not just specific addresses. Through the application we have 3 choices to select a specific demographic.

Here’s just one basic example of how useful Neighbourhood Mail can be:

Let’s say you are a restaurant owner and your postal code starts with K1Y. You may want to know the number of addresses within in a 1 km radius of your business. You are targeting the lunch crowd and want to let local companies where you are and what your offer.

We look up your criteria and analyze the postal walks. There are 8,782 homes and apartments within a 1 km radius that potentially don’t know about your business. We will design and print a card or flyer to get this information out there. Sometimes, its best to include an offer on the mailing piece so you can track results when these customers come in or call for an order.

Neighbourhood Mail accesses both Canada Post’s database, StatsCan data, as well as a combination of other data sources. Neighbourhood Mail service provides unsurpassed coverage for both urban and rural markets. Call Postlink, your Ottawa direct mail specialist!

PostLink's mailing services can help increase your sales!

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