Do You Want to Maximize the Potential of your Data?

Effective management of data allows you to specifically recognize and target new opportunities for current and prospective clients. Our data management services help you customize mailing lists and leverage your data to achieve better results. At PostLink, we use your data to data help you improve impact of statements or mailers, facilitate customer retention by using personalization and create growth and sales opportunities. Our data services also help to improve overall response rates and achieve goals during direct target marketing campaigns.

Our data management experts can help you organize your listings in order to avoid duplication and incorrect addressing. You can instantly save time and money simply by avoiding the unjustified costs of undeliverable mailings and/or duplicate deliveries.

Unlike some other mailing services, our data technicians and programmers work in-house and directly for you. This makes the data cleaning and overall list management process much more compliant and streamlined. It also means that you save time, money and energy by ensuring your data is always clean, efficient and capable of really delivering the information you need as you seek out new and existing clients, donors or more targeted audiences.

At PostLink, our data management services include things like clean-up, sorting and file manipulation/conversion. We can also help you merge your existing databases to ensure duplication is avoided and high levels of redundancy/accuracy are achieved. We can help you merge and purge databases and even add source and bar codes to help you better identify and track the people you want to reach.

Our data management services include, but are not limited to:

Standard Data Services

Data clean-up

Data sorting of any kind

Data manipulation, data/file conversion & file creation

Merge/purge (correcting addresses & eliminating duplicate addresses saves you money)

Personalized mailing

Accent filtering

Address standardizing

Carrier route sorting for maximum postage discount

Data entry

Address accuracy & correction

Advanced Data Services

Customized programming

Adding source codes to track donor donations

Adding bar codes to identify sender, amount donated, etc.

Direct mail programming, customized to every individual record in your database

Matrix processing

Custom reports

Multiple variation personalization 

Are you looking for professional assistance with your data and mailing list management? PostLink can help!

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