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As the situation due to COVID-19 pandemic quickly evolves, we want to assure you that all Mailing operations remain unchanged. There may be a slight delay in reaching individual staff. We are eliminating any close contact with our community and taken other steps to ensure mail security. We are committed to implementing all recommended safety precautions to keep our clients and staff safe. We will continue to monitor the rapidly evolving situation around COVID-19, and implement any changes recommended by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

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Postlink Corporation - Ottawa Direct Mail & Data Management Services

PostLink has more than 25 years of experience in the mailing industry. We have become Ottawa’s trusted provider for customized mail services and data management. We specialize in professional lettershop, direct mail, mail preparation, newsletters, neighbourhood mail, as well as advanced personalized mail and reporting.

We help companies, organizations and individuals reach the markets and audiences they need to target in order to achieve success. Reach out to current and potential donors, customers and clients using targeted campaigns with your data and many other sources.

PostLink provides custom and professional data and mailing services, including data management, mailing list merging, purging and mail package preparation. This also includes direct mail consulting, high-speed mail and envelope addressing, manual and automated envelope insertion and preparation/synchronization for Canada Post.

Additionally, our company specializes in providing different types of printing, including variable data laser printing. We also have a strong background in neighbourhood mail services, consulting and lettershop project management.

Data Services

Effective management of data and mailing lists will allow you to specifically recognize and target new markets. Our data management services help you customize mailing lists and leverage your data to achieve better marketing and outreach results. Each PostLink solution will help you improve messaging, customer retention and allow you to achieve a level of growth that matches your potential. Data services can also help to improve overall response rates and achieve marketing goals during direct target campaigns.

Variable Data

Our variable data services help to promote and improve the personalization of all your mailing campaigns. We utilize variable data printing techniques and IT specialization to increase response rates and improve your ability to reach – and connect with - a target audience. Our services allow you to create customized and personalized mail pieces that get attention and really stand out! By using our variable data services, you can ensure each prospective target receives the individualized content that’s been geared specifically towards them.

Mailing Services

PostLink provides mailing solutions for Ottawa and the surrounding regions. We offer comprehensive mailing and lettershop services for a wide range of clients, including complete regular statement mailings and lettershop project management from start to finish. We offer custom and professional mailing services for projects of all shapes and sizes and at all stages of development. This includes our unparalleled ability to work with Neighbourhood Mail and other solutions integrated with Canada Post requirements.

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Mailing services help reduce your costs and the time it takes to prepare a mail campaign. By eliminating the headache of an in-house preparation strategy, you free up vital internal resources and usually secure better postage rates – so a mailing house actually provides the best of both worlds.

Mailing service costs are usually less than non-discounted first class postage alone, not to mention the printing and labour costs associated with folding stuffing, sealing, stamping and physically mailing the individual packages.

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